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Seven Days of Gratitude: Day 1

The Seven Days of Gratitude are an annual tradition and gratitude challenge for us at MW. We have seven days leading up to Thanksgiving (U.S.) where we reflect on different themes that help us reflect on the things we can be grateful for. Some are obvious and some are a bit more random. I hope you join us on this journey of reflecting on gratitude. You can journal your thoughts or share with us on social media @modernwitnesses_ on Instagram. Tag us or do #SevenDaysofGratitude. As always, we are grateful to God for you and everything you are doing to reflect His light.

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Our day 1 theme is:


I read recently that wonder can’t be forced. It isn’t a result of intention, but it is more like something that surprises us. There are so many things that can bring us wonder. It can be a green field, a starry sky, a bright moon, a baby’s smile, a torrential rain…

Andrea Scher wrote, “If we want to live a life full of wonder, we need to be willing to meet whatever shows up in us with kindness.”

In this season, something that fills me with wonder is nature. (The orange leaves, and the flower bushes that bloom in confusion on warmer nights.)

Wonder, I feel, always leads us to curiosity. It also surprises us with joy.

Wonder is something we should be in tune with. Scripture describes our God as a God of wonders. He is constantly working and surprising us with His exquisite creation and with His love.

“Who is like you, O Lord, among the gods? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?” Exodus 15:11

Tell us, what awakens your sense of wonder? Is there something that has surprised you with joy? What attributes of God fill you with wonder?

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  1. I love this challenge and will commit to writing in my journal over the next seven days. I love the quote by Andrea Scher that is bringing me joy right now as I reflect. Today I will take the opportunity to be kind when I’m surprised by the unexpected.

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  2. Personally, I’d be quite willing to consistently say grace every day of every year if everyone on Earth—and not just a minority of the planet’s populace—had enough clean, safe drinking water and nutritional food to maintain a normal, healthy daily life; and I’d be pray-fully ‘thankful’ if every couple’s child would survive his or her serious illness rather than just a small portion of such sick children. Until then ….

    Pass me the holiday turkey, peas
    and the delicious stuffing flanked
    by buttered potatoes with gravy
    since I’ve said grace with plenty ease
    for the good food received I’ve thanked
    my Maker who’s found me worthy.
    It seems that unlike the many of those
    in the unlucky Third World nation
    I’ve been found by God deserving
    to not have to endure the awful woes
    and the stomach wrenching starvation
    suffered by them with no dinner serving.
    So hand me the succulent corn
    the cranberry sauce, fresh baked bread
    since for my grub I’ve praised the Lord
    yet I need not hear about those born
    whose meal I’ve been granted instead
    as they receive naught of the grand hoard.

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