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The Editor’s Notes

Autumn 2022

Personal: Did you know people used to keep a gas mileage notebook in the south? Fall essentials The Everygirl editors can’t live without. How to stop the clock and thrive, an article by Intelligent Change. How to spot a narcissist.

Living: The difference between vintage and antique. What the Southern Living editors buy at the dollar store. As the holidays near– The Ashley and Emily Gift Guide. Delicious one-pan meals for busy weeknights. Amazon finds for a fall refresh of your space.

Wellness: Twenty-three soup recipes to try as the weather gets colder. The best herbs for stress.

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Summer 2022

Personal: Ten classics everyone should read.

Beauty: Different lipstick application techniques. Have you wondered how old you look? Modern Age has a fun “subjective age” assessment that helps you spot volume, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. I found this so fun.

Wellness: What can be done about hair loss? The Matcha Collagen Cloud Smoothie. Lunch ideas, because we all need inspiration once in a while. (Some of these look sooo good). The benefits of minerals and why we should all be supplementing. 

Living: Can you fix a scratched vinyl? How to identify porcelain marks. How to organize your fridge like a pro. Have people coming over, last minute? Here is how you can fake clean your home. (Life hacks). Forty mistakes we should realize we are making.

Faith: Noelle Mering’s Christian response to wokeness. Gospel in the Garden’s What Table are you At?

Relationships: How to make up after a fight. Ten things you can do to improve your relationship.

Spring 2022

Personals: Looking at spirituality, our dreams and inspiration we can gather from St. Patrick. Some of you see my “currently reading” posts, and ask me how I read so much. Here is an article to help you get some ideas and plot your return to reading– how to make time for reading (no matter how busy you are). This movie about C.S. Lewis The Most Reluctant Convert was lovely.

Career: The secret to retaining great employees.

Style: How to style a trench from late winter through spring. Inspired by 1992 Christy Turlington. Using a baseball cap as the seasons transition. (All are favs from This Is Glamorous).

Wellness: Blue Zones, and what we can learn about aging. Anne Hathaway‘s trainer and how she got in shape (and gained energy) for WeCrashed. Endocrine disruptors and how to avoid them.

Beauty: A guide to gather ideas for the extra polished and the more laid back (from Goop).

Living: Under $50 kitchen items everyone should own (for those who need extra inspiration for adulting). The minimalist house tour— why less is more (from Intelligent Change).

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Winter 2022

Personals: Yeonmi Park’s incredible story of her escape from North Korea. I was moved by the fact that Christian missionaries in China helped her. Her book, In Order to Live, is on my reading list and Kindle. I need to know more details about this wild and courageous story. The Bossticks have the iconic TSC Him and Her Podcast (I post them on stories all the time). In this article, they share the things they have learned after 400+ interviews.

Living: Eleven things you should never put in your dishwasher. I love finding better ways to clean. Here are some tips to banish the dust. Dreamy spring separates to inspire outfits for the coming weather (got my mind on Easter).

Wellness: The breakfast Goop recipe found in this article is soooo yum. Five types of rest you didn’t know you needed. How to recover from illness faster. Stuff to know about eye health (suggested reading for those who wear glasses or contacts). I know it’s cold outside, but some cold-water therapy may be just the thing for your immune system. Natural ways to balance your hormones (tips for every stage of your cycle).

Relationships: Tips for setting boundaries.

Currently reading: Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen and How They Can Change Your Life by Eric Metaxas.

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Autumn 2021

Personals: How to challenge your beliefs. Seven power strategies for the workplace. Eight lessons to learn from nature (Intelligent Change).

Wellness: Healing benefits of a hot footbath (this was a lifesaver when I had some migraines). Learn about Bluezones (the places in the world where people live the longest and well).

Living: Thoughtful wedding gifts under $100. Tips for decorating on a budget by Athena Calderone (love her style so much). Some tradeoffs so you can keep that coin. Outside (magazine) guide to winter.

Relationships: My Hills and Valleys wrote this great piece on raising Godly children in an ungodly world.

Messages that inspired me: When the Water Blushed; A Better Resurrection; When They Persecute You.

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Summer 2021

Personals: Ryan Holiday‘s 34 mistakes on the way to 34. Birth month flowers and all their meanings. Anne Lamot speaking with Tim Ferriss on taming your inner critic.

Beauty: The beauty of what people are calling “COVID Hair.” Have you embraced your grays?

Wellness: Eating sardines may help prevent diabetes. More on hormone intelligence. Why Sabbath is a healthy practice.

Living: Wedding tips from Molly Sims. How to do a summer staycation. Walnut falafel flatbread recipe.

Relationships: Why boundaries are the key to freedom in parenting. How to intervene when your kid is a bully. I loved this article on the types of parenting and choosing the one that is right for you. Raising mentally strong kids.

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Spring 2021

Personals: Seven verbal habits of the emotionally intelligent. Working toward happiness instead of just wishing for it.

Wellness: How to know if you have a caffeine intolerance. Five habits that will help your brain stay in tip-top shape. Three longevity rules. How to quit sugar (and why you should consider cutting down). Making the switch to non-toxic cleaning products. Six ways a functional medicine expert stays well. The best collagen supplements (they did the work for you). The importance of massage therapy from a French wellness guru.

Living: How to make vegan pesto. The best vegan cheeses (if you are curious… some of these are sooo good). How to separate your workday from nighttime. Smoked salmon flatbread recipe. (I am going to try this). How to make your own bathroom spray.

Relationships: How to be a calmer parent. Tips for slowing down in your marriage.

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Winter 2021

Personals: How are you spending your time— let’s reflect. Five toxic money habits to let go of in 2021. Planning a camping trip when your partner is not exactly outdoorsy… (or maybe you don’t like the outdoors– here are some good tips). Our friend Naseem wrote about spiritual fruit. Check out my piece on deliverance on So What Now.

Wellness: Important stroke symptoms we often ignore. When to stop drinking water before bed (you know you want to know…). Lessons from someone who recovered from COVID. Foods that heal your gut. Foods to avoid for less inflammation.

Career: Is it time to quit your job? Read this first.

Lifestyle: Tips for mindful gift-giving throughout the new year. Dinnertime rituals. How to repurpose your candle glass vessel. The best winter recipe… vegan lentil shepherd’s pie. The best breakfasts to make ahead of time. How to store mugs and glasses (rims up or down?). Some french toast recipes to try. Great and cheap home decor sites for a little refresh. Ideas if you have a small kitchen like me (NYC problems). Southern Living’s Grandma-approved recipes for your next Bible study.

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Deep Autumn 2020

Personals: Life advice from Sweet Magnolia’s JoAnna Garcia Swisher on hard times and uncertainty. A cool article on when physical touch is your love language. A new study shows handwriting engages the brain more than typing. This was interesting. A powerful piece on terror attacks and heartbreak in France.

Living: How to clean your house fast. Seven things professional cleaners do to their own house. (I love cleaning, if you can’t tell). A recipe for stuffed Mexican sweet potatoes.

Relationships: A great piece from Gary Thomas on seeing blessings in the things that irritate us about others.

Wellness: How to make your mental health a priority. Foods to avoid when you are experiencing jaw pain.

Beauty: Beauty tips Molly Sims learned in the makeup artist chair.

Career: Five great questions to ask in a job interview. Seven signs of toxic company culture that you can spot at an interview.

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Autumn 2020

Wellness: Treating asthma through functional medicine. Stressing about work takes a serious toll on your health. Are you overhydrating?

Living: An orecchiette recipe you won’t want to miss. Southern Living’s church recipes. (I can’t wait until potlucks are a thing again…). Martha Stewart’s fall decorating inspiration. 

Relationships: Ways to support someone dealing with mental illness

Personals: How to get more work done in less time. James Clear on improving focus and concentration. An easy updo to wear all season long. How to stay positive while job hunting.  

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Summer 2020

Personals: A dose of nostalgia from the early 2000s (Ashanti, anyone?). And speaking of nostalgia… have you listened to our friend Naseem‘s new podcast, Nas-talgia? NYC sings a blessing over the city (this made me cry). All world languages in one visualization.

Wellness: A guide to your Infradian Rhythm (your guide to the perfect cycle– yes, that cycle). The remedy for chronic bloating.

Relationships: Joanna Gaines on what got her marriage through some tough times. How to let go of expectations of a not-so-great friend (from Darling). Our friend Bailey shared with Darling what she learned on the other side of divorce (this piece is for everyone).

Living: Some fabulous Amazon finds. RECIPES GALORE: Vegan/gluten free no bake key lime pie. A gazpacho recipe I made that was yummy. @TheMindfulBlondes’ potato nachos.


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May 2020

Personals: Developing mental toughness.

Beauty: The secrets of French beauty.

Relationships: Lessons from Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy’s breakup.

Living: Three ways to clean a cloudy vase. Best way to clean the grout in the tiles.

Career: Ten commitments companies should make to advance racial justice.


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April 2020

Personals: How to show up, a piece on intentionality by our friend Naseem! What defines quality leadership by Granola & Grace. The powerful cognitive effects of storytelling.

Relationships: Relevant Magazine discusses the idolatry of marriage and why so many single women are leaving the church. An article from Esther Perel on what happens to couples under stress.

Living: How the church community helped influence and steer the young Bobby Bones, helping make him who he is today. What’s in your Faith Toolkit: Using productivity in our spiritual lives. A note from small-group prayer meetings in the Bronx in the age of COVID-19.


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March 2020

Personals: Suggested revisions to etiquette. What we get wrong about happiness. Stoic lessons on time management. Gwen Stefani’s old interview where she talks about faith in the midst of her dark moment. “Does God See Me?” by Sara Hagerty. Warren Buffett’s true measure of success.

Wellness: Ovarian cyst symptoms.

Parenting: Books for parents who want to have adventurous kids.

Lifestyle: Life hacks every adult should know. How to organize your closet. Tips for being cozy.

Relationships: How to truly love someone.

EN feb 2020

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Personals: Twelve questions that will change your life, by Ryan Holiday. How to advocate for yourself. How to fall in love with discipline. Exercises to reduce distractibility.

Wellness: Simple yoga for stress. Stop spending time in your head. Why stress management is so important for your health.

Living: Baby shower planning tips. The best time management and productivity books.

Relationship: Communication chart. Tips on great communication with your partner.

Finances: Ways to cut expenses and save money. Seven ways to recuperate from holiday spending. Five tips for good financial habits.


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Personals: International cleaning traditions, for your inner Monica Geller. Fabulous watches for yourself or to gift. How to survive the holidays by Radiant NYC. How to do the holidays based on your enneagram.  The art of intellectual disagreements.

Wellness: An article on what society sees as achieving peak wellness, and how most of it is nonsense. The best natural French cold recipe. A cleansing beauty oil recipe. Epigenetics and the science of gene expression. Managing stress with Ayurveda. People with this wake-up time are happier and more productive.

Relationships: Advice on pruning toxic relationships in a Christian way. Positive childhood experiences that can help combat negative childhood trauma. What to do when your long-term relationship starts feeling a bit disconnected or off. A must read: Three words that will ruin a relationship (by the author of Fair Play).


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Personals: Work-life balance hacks for working moms. Kourtney Kardashian talking faith and family with her pastors.

Relationships: Gary Thomas on deception and disillusionment. Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper on grief. A MUST WATCH.

Seasonal: Fall and harvest decorating ideas.

Finances: All about compound interest. This piece has great investment tips.


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Wellness: The most important lab tests to have your doctor run. Five ways you didn’t know how dehydration is affecting your body. How to go vegan on a budget. How to deal with your period at night. (We don’t talk about this enough). Why sparkling tea is healthy and delicious. How dish detergent may hurt your gut microbiome. Gynostemma tea benefits. Sleep myths.

Personals: You are worth more than many sparrows, on Pegactive‘s website. Joanna Gaines on wholeness and balance. Perell’s learn like an athlete and his spreadsheet to guide you on how to train like an athlete in other areas of your life. Four ways to grow in your current season, by Sierra Scott. How gratitude can transform your life.

Finances: Trekking Twice speaks to us on her blog about how God changed her outlook on money.

Relationships: Six types of boundaries and what healthy boundaries look like. Tips from a marriage researcher. A woman on the one word that transformed her marriage. How to foster, and not kill, creativity in children. An interesting piece on if men carried purses and the pressure women feel to clean up messes and always be prepared. Why women around the world are delaying marriage.

Living: A back-to-school organization checklist, by Martha Stewart. A perfect road trip.

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Wellness: Spotting mold toxicity. Stress-relieving foods.

Relationships: Six ways your relationship with your parents affects your love life. Having God define how we treat ourselves and others, by Gary Thomas.

Career: Red flags to spot in an interview.

Living: Natural swimming holes to add to your summer travel list.

Personals: Just for laughs: pet-peeves. Boosting your creativity by going outside.

Finances: Generating passive income. A budget you can stick to.

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Wellness: How to reset your body clock for better sleep. Ingredient alternatives for that moment when you don’t have the exact thing in your pantry.

Living: Fifteen plant-based recipes that are packed with protein. The perfect indoor hanging plants. Molly Sims’ meal prep ideas. Bathroom cleaning tips. How to make your own cleaners.

Career: Tips for great leadership. What is gaslighting at work?

Finance: How to start investing.

Personals: Martha Stewart on creating a legacy. The debate on teeth brushing. Digital minimalism. Things to learn by 30. Chef Sophia Roe on her latest projects.

Relationships: Tips for bridesmaids. Emily’s piece on slow love.

Please pray and donate to Kim O.’s GoFundMe, to help pay for her cancer bills.

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Personals: Tips for self-evaluation. Thirty-six timeless pieces on Amazon. My favorite piece in this edition: Your practical guide to deep work. Ways to learn to enjoy being alone. Ways to mindfully connect with nature.

Wellness: Men have biological clocks, too. How to naturally reduce bloating. Eight things your nails are trying to tell you about your health. Got SIBO? The hormone-anxiety connection.

Beauty: How to get thicker hair, naturally.

Relationships: What to do at home to make couples therapy actually work. One of the smartest parenting moves you will ever make.

Finances: How to budget your money. A great way to make yourself a budget that will last.

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Personals: Married women do more housework than single moms. Here is the reason why and how we can change that. How women are more than mothers. A perfect piece as you reflect on Mother’s Day, and what it means to be a daughter of God.

Living: How to beautify your bedroom in simple ways. My piece on prayer from Print Collective: The Game Changer.

Wellness: You heard it first, here– the best natural deodorants. Is it better to sleep or exercise? This one is all about recovery.

Beauty: Glowy makeup.

Relationships: How to deal with toxic family members. An honest piece about striving for forgiveness in a mother-daughter relationship. It is so real. Advice from a couple’s therapist.

Finances: Best tips on how to manage each paycheck.

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Career: How to be happier at work– no matter what you do. Empathy in the workplace. How to stop doing low value work.

Personals: The benefits of crying. I loved this piece. How to thrive in difficult times. All about axing the pink tax… Why you see yourself worse than you really are. Releasing limiting beliefs.

Relationships: Your spouse needs to have other friends.

Living: Inspiration for wedding gift guides when planning your wedding.

Wellness: Bianca Valle’s path to wellness. The alarming truth of toxic ingredients in black hair care. We may be able to rewire our brains.

Finance: Tips to be a better investor.

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Personals: Increasing happiness and productivity via “lights” spreadsheets. The most common writing mistakes we should watch out for. How to turn rejection into an advantage. Why we procrastinate, and what it tells us about ourselves.

Career: How to get paid what you are worth. Remote work habits.

Wellness: Why we should correct bad posture, today. EMF protection tips. Intermittent fasting and anti-aging, the link explained.

Relationships: How to help children who have experienced trauma.

Finances: Ways to spring clean your bank account and finances.

Happy weekend!

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Personals: The one minute hack to feeling more confident. Twice Blessed tackles the topic of religious discrimination in 2019.

Wellness: The slow carbs that are better than low carbs. How to use Gua Sha to tackle tension and aging. There is a natural remedy that can be used for yeast infections. The Dot App— the hottest new form of birth control in town. A body acne map.

Relationships: Therapist tools for step parenting.

Beauty: Common beauty issues explored.

Living: Seven ways to spring clean your life. How to make homemade all-purpose cleaner. Draper James is doing southern wedding invites!

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Personals: Specific ways you can empower women. The Feminine Revolution book interview. The most important skill nobody taught you (a must read)!

Living: Yummy dinner recipes. Strategies for seizing the day.

Relationships: A report on post-breakup life. Pursuing a deeper kind of love.

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Living: Your top ten spring cleaning questions answered, and additional tips.

Wellness: The brain+body connection, explored. Simple soup recipes. The best wellness blogs, according to Domino.

Relationships: For couples– your day is not done until

Personals: The practical de-escalation of anxiety. A beautiful interview with Violette.

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Wellness: Coffee alternatives for those trying to quit. All about hormones. The benefits of Olive Leaf extract.

Relationships: Why spending time in nature is romantic. A collection of relationship advice.

Living: Target’s Presidents’ Day sale is to die for. Check out the H&M spring collection.

Personals: Some advice from Dave Asprey. How to improve a bad mood in five minutes.

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Relationships: When it’s okay for a relationship to change you. The Biebers talk marriage with Vogue. How relationship stress can affect your quality of sleep.

Finances: Financial rules to follow at every age.

Personals: Trying to name your anger. Random acts of kindness.


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Wellness: The benefits of the NAC supplement (I take it every day, and it changed my life). It helped me balance my hormones, but it is good for many other things. The emotional side of treating chronic pain. The connection between depression and late risers. Five yoga poses to relieve period cramps.

Personals: What it’s like to be black in corporate America. Advice on how to stop apologizing. What to say to a toxic person.

Relationships: How detachment can help your relationship. Gary Thomas explains why your marriage needs “more than carbs.” Planning a wedding? Check out these great ideas for your website.

Living: Growing joy.

Beauty: The best beauty products to get your skin through winter.

Style: How to layer clothes stylishly in this winter cold.

Stay warm! xx

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Wellness: If you are in sleep debt, this is the best way to recover. Non-hormonal birth control methods. Is it the flu or a cold? How to tell the difference.

Living: Tips for surviving winter. Useful hacks for this thing called life.

[Image via @thiswildidea]


Wellness: The most important places to clean at home. Toxicity in your body. The best natural remedies that work.

Personals: Toxic people to watch out for. Five things mentally strong women don’t do. A deep question. What it means to have a trauma identity.

Finances: Five lifestyle tips to save more money.

Living: Reasons to visit Philly in the winter.

Relationships: A brilliant piece on how your marriage goes beyond just you and your spouse.

Career: Three interview questions you weren’t prepared for.

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Wellness: Tips on how much you should sleep when you are sick, for a speedy recovery. (Is it just me, or does everyone seem to be under the weather?) How to make your period better. May the troubleshooting begin.

Personals: Self-control, and why it matters. Things you can do to disrupt your routine. How to tell if you or someone you know is an empath. How to find quiet time, from my friend Emily’s new site. Check it out.

Journalism: A wow piece on Spain and its Franco era wounds. Awesome reporting.

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Wellness: How to have your own wellness retreat day. More info on period coaching. (Make it one of your goals to know your body and its systems better, this year. Especially, brush up on your period). Affordable superfoods. The annual Goop detox is here. How often should you be replacing your sports bras? Foods that regulate hormones. The stress epidemic: here is what you need to know. How to add fermented food to your diet.

Personals: How to do elimination planning. The state of being stuck, and why it matters. Sarah Scott Pape’s Reflect and Rejoice Guide. Guidebooks for meditation, sleep and healthy habits. How to learn: The Spacing Effect.

Living: Vegan matcha overnight oats. Yum. Martha Stewart interviews a minimalist. How to be more creative in the new year. Luxe products on Amazon under $20. A guide on charities to donate your gently used items to. Things to toss from your home, after the holidays.

Finances: How to save more money throughout the week. Kevin O’Leary’s advice on what your 2019 goal should be. Travel hacks to save money.

Career: Unrealistic work expectations that may sabotage your career or happiness.

Relationships: Activities to do with your kids.

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Wellness: Some great recipes to try to get you started on your wellness journey.

Relationships: What to learn and do when you experience a breakup.

Personals: Ninety-six things to do when you are bored. Forty things you can do to be happier and healthier in 2019.

Beauty: Winter skincare staples. A guide to beauty supplements, if this is something you want to start exploring in the new year.

Career: Some 82 unexpected ways to end an email. A professional way to be unique.

Living: Athena Calderone’s kitchen must-haves. Twenty items that are cluttering your life. For you newly engaged lovelies, a piece on how to care for your engagement ring.

[Image via @chloecleroux]


Seasonal: Emotionally healthy ways to navigate the holidays. A humor piece on leaning in during Christmas. Vanessa Lachey and how she decorated, using decor from Home Goods.

Beauty: Bathing rituals.

Relationships: The important principles behind the five love languages.

[Image via @sakaralife]


Seasonal: Ideas on how to build the perfect gift box. Tips to avoid overspending during this season. How to not ruin the holidays. Eleven ways to make your house look cute, this winter season. Tips for the holidays, if you have an autoimmune disease. A reminder to seek out holiday magic.

Wellness: Why alone time is necessary for extroverts. All about wet and dry muscles. Self-care tips for those of you who are caretakers.

Personals: Some deep and motivational Oprah quotes for ya. A beautiful interview with the artist, Athena Calderone. Garance and her journey to being her own heroine. Why it’s worth wasting a little time.

Living: How to tell if an avocado is ripe. Amazon shopping hacks. Home essentials to have, if you are having guests over.

Beauty: How to tame frizzy hair. French skincare brands with worthy products.

[Image via @capbeautydaily]


Seasonal inspiration: Stephanie from @makingjoyahabit writes about the seasonal craziness and staying centered on Christ. Rainbow Plant Life’s vegan holiday gift guide. Atelier Doré’s monthly theme is coming home, and I wrote my own take on it (for those who feel the stress). And here is an excellent piece on managing grief during this season. How to give a good gift, according to psychology. Amy Elaine writing about God with us.

Wellness: MindyBodyGreen’s wellness forecast for 2019. Cortisol 101. What to do when you feel a cold coming on. The connection between intense workouts and PCOS.

Personals: How to become a morning person. How to take control of stressful thoughts + prayer. Seven things calm people do differently.

Relationships: Three signs you need emotional boundaries in your life. Calling out offensive behavior, while still exercising compassion. Some of the most important things in relationships. What to do with the family, when boredom strikes.

Living: Gifts you should give yourself, this holiday season. A great snack bar recipe. How to deal with passive aggressive behavior. Five affordable nontoxic home products.

[Image via @apparis_]


Wellness: Ways to keep your brain sharp. What to eat for brain health. The effects of power on the brain. Exercise that stops your body from aging.

Living: The best Target holiday decor. How to walk on ice. #reallife Things to do during a snowstorm.

Personals: How to decline an invitation. Elements of a good thank you card. Four questions to help make you a productivity superstar. Working smarter not harder. Advice for those who want to change their lives.

Relationships: Some of the realest marriage advice from Rachel Hollis.

[Image via @galmeetsglam]


Giving: Would you like to support an adopted family at the YMCA? Check out this Amazon wishlist, and all giving will go directly to the families. For more info check out the @cinnamegs IG. A gift guide for those who need ideas, for their immediate family and friends who don’t have lists.

Humor: Martha Stewart in an Uber will make you laugh. It’s an experience we can all relate to.

Personals: Cultivating gratitude, and why it’s important. I hope you check out this week’s feature piece Welcomed, and our Seven Days of Gratitude.

Relationships: Garance writes about a fresh perspective on breakups.

Career: Organization hacks.

Wellness: How to destress before the holidays.

Beauty: Winter skincare tips.

[Image via @my_little_box]


Seasonal: Twenty resolutions that have nothing to do with losing weight. Affordable Christmas crafts from Martha Stewart. These are GORGEOUS.

Light: Lavender Vines’ Bible overview.

Wellness: How to balance your hormones as you age. Natural treatments for children with allergies, asthma and eczema. Sleeping in on weekends is good for you; here’s proof.

Personals: Here are 25 things more important than the likes you get on Instagram. Fourteen people in your kid’s life that you should be thanking, but aren’t. Find your gratitude calendar, here. What to do about the mental health issues that stem from social media use.

Career: How to find a job and score that interview in this day and age. (It’s about getting past the computer/software screener).

Style: Outfit inspo. It’s cold!

Relationships: The weirdest parts about being a newlywed. Your relationship status and what it means for you during the holiday season. (A humor piece).

[Image via @apparis_]


Seasonal: What to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. First idea: Indian spiced sweet potato soup, just in time for soup season from the lovely Nisha, at Rainbow Plant Life. Tablescape ideas for Thanksgiving. Ideas of what to do this November, by Camille Styles.

Beauty: Major inspiration from Violette, the queen.

Wellness: Nutritionist tips for the holidays (because we all indulge a bit more than usual). The Drybar folks are bringing us a wellness stop to add to our list. Self-care, my friends. (Coming to a city near you).

Living: The best Southern cities to visit (in the U.S.). These prints by Audrey Leighton are gorgeous.

[Image via @caviarfeeling]


Wellness: Non-hormonal birth control alternatives. Holistic ways to sync your body to Daylight Saving Time.

Personals: The glories of being unproductive (we need rest). Where to travel, according to your Myers-Briggs.

Living: How to do a proper table setting. Just in time for the holidays. (I found the way Reese Witherspoon explains it in Whiskey in a Teacup super helpful). Love a good etiquette moment. Personality types and types of spending. Outfit ideas for the transitional weather.

Relationships: Christian couples and money.

[Image via @andnorth]


Wellness: The effects of the anti-anxiety diet. Tips for a better detox. What to do when you have a UTI, other than take your antibiotics. Supplements that help detox estrogen dominance.

Living: Home design tips. Crepes, anyone? A couple that exemplifies minimalism.

Personals: Creative ways to beat the phone addiction. Financial mistakes to avoid. Ways to reduce stress. Great inspiration for glute-focused workouts.

Weddings: Tips from a florist about what not to do.

[Image from @jenessawait]


Wellness: Natural ways to reduce stress. Your endo guide. EFT tapping therapy. Have you heard of it? Cancer causing toxic ingredients to avoid. A typeface created to increase memory.

Beauty: The secret(s) to healthier hair.

Personals: All about change. All about living longer. Making the best out of PMS. (Even this has a positive side). Jamal Khashoggi’s last column.

Living: A miso soup you will keep coming back to. Gift boxes for everyone on your list (amazing gift ideas)!! Light breakfast ideas for days when you know you are going to eat a lot for dinner (like Thanksgiving). Mood boosting color for your space.

Travel: Best things to do in Montreal.


[Image by @chloecleroux]


Wellness: The benefits of reverse fasting. I do this a lot. Gyno visits and what to expect. (Because the truth is we are all terrified). Cycle-syncing your meals. Five signs your body is on overload.

Personals: The Bella Twins keep inspiring us, every time. They are vulnerable, hardworking, and I can’t wait to see all they conquer, next. How to practice gratitude. For those who are seeking freedom

Relationships: Exploring the world of cross-cultural, multilingual relationships (with humor). Fixing communication.

Living: One pot meals for those chilly days. Best places for females to travel alone. Fall trends. The coolest Target shoes for the best price. Fall recipes for a fall reset.

Career: How to simplify your workday. How to calculate your salary requirements.

Happy weekend!


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Personals: Books that will inspire you in gratitude. Toxic behaviors that we can have, without necessarily being toxic people. Let’s check ourselves. How complaining rewires your brain for more negativity. A piece on equality and sexual assault.

Wellness: Thoughts from a wellness-minded entrepreneur. Everything you should know about preventing breast cancer. Embracing our relationship with our breasts. Signs that you have healed your inflammation.

Relationships: Veronica from Atelier Doré gets so real. This is a must-read! The enduring power of relational teaching.

Career: Books to inspire you in your career and growth. All about that career change after 40.

Living: The best productivity hacks. What to pack for that road trip. Forgetting happiness to pursue joy.


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Wellness: The most filling fruits. How to trick your kids into eating healthy.

Personals: Simple practical advice to implement. Stuff to do when boredom strikes. Why you need some R&R. How to do a quarterly review (of your life).

Career: Why some women are intentionally invisible at work.

Living: Martha Stewart’s tips on how to prep your house for guests when pressed for time. Efficiency using the two-minute rule.

Tech: Google Inbox will apparently change all of our lives.

Relationships: Tips for mindful parenting, for those moments when your frustration reaches its peak. Why reciprocity is key.

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Wellness: Garance Dore speaks about depression and her own personal journey. Seven natural ways to boost your energy, this fall, from FloLiving. The power of a “mental health shelf“. Eight foods to relieve stress. Eight of the most common reasons women go to therapy. There is no shame in asking for help.

Spirituality: Miracles at Birth, Emily B.’s birth story, (a must read, if you need a reason or reminder to believe). The Truth About Depression by Amy Osorio.

Career: How to deal with toxic coworkers. The workwear staples. Six qualities that will get you noticed.

Personals: The books that changed our childhood (I am sure you will find one on the list that will make you sigh with nostalgia). So, it was New York Fashion Week (#NYFW). Catch up on the (street style) lewks, via Man Repeller. Let’s bring street style back, my people.

Relationships: Giving your spouse the benefit of the doubt, and how it changes everything, by Gary Thomas (marriage expert).

Living: Soup September, anyone? Lunch ideas that will motivate you. We all need inspiration.


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Wellness: The new device trying to tackle menstrual cramps. The glories of turmeric. Wellness on a budget. How to exercise at work.

Personals: Mature people don’t apologize when they succeed or complain when they fail. The Martha Stewart story.

Career: Healthy habits for a productive day (I loved the printable).

Beauty: A review of a revolutionary lash serum (I am intrigued).

Living: The best gifts on Amazon.

Finance: This fall, take control of your money.


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Wellness: Understanding the connection between flossing, inflammation and blood-sugar balance. The best supplements for anxiety. The best foods for hormonal imbalance.

Career: Have you experienced the millennial burnout? The Katherine Power interview on how success can come, even if everyone thinks your ideas are crazy. Malcolm Gladwell’s advice to entrepreneurs.

Personals: Candice Kumai in Forbes revealing the secrets to success. Things the author wished she knew before living alone. A Harvard study on happiness. The Hot Young Widows Club— have you heard of it? An interesting perspective on grief and love lasting forever.

Relationships: How to accept a compliment. Monica Gary tackling the subject of forgiveness. The truth about on-again, off-again relationships. Subtle signs of relationship abuse. (We need to talk about this more).

Living: At what age will we be the most confident, according to studies? The power of a positive mind. Productivity tips for those who always want to be efficient.

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Wellness: The go-to meal Jessica Biel makes when she is too tired to cook. An interesting map from the NYT that shows at what age women have their first child, by region, in the U.S. Why the annual pap smear will no longer be needed.

Personals: Stop asking “how” and ask “who.” The link between “no” and success. Start doing these 15 things.

Career: Why it’s important to have coffee with the women you do not hire (or with the people who did not hire you). Interview questions CEOs ask.

Living: Want to support women-owned businesses? Here is a list. Should we make our own directory of all of your businesses?

Relationships: How to leave a toxic relationship. Family friendly movies for the family night. The most romantic cities in the U.S. What happens when you ask what burdens another is carrying. Four keys to mindful parenting.


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Wellness: The health benefits of being bilingual. The Natural Cycles app was approved by the FDA as birth control (and it’s all natural). Why prebiotics are important.

Personals: The way you read books says a lot about your intelligence. The concept of inversion. When it’s time to forgive yourself, by Lori Harder. How to relax.

Style: Ideas of what to wear for that fall wedding. Zara shoes for autumn. Common shopping mistakes to stop making by 30, according to The Zoe Report. Summer-to-fall transition outfits by Man Repeller.

Living: How to throw a backyard wedding for $10k. (Given that you have a nice backyard to begin with). Lessons from Ms. Weiner’s French mother-in-law.

Relationships: What you need in a friendship, based on your Myers Briggs type.

Career: Great books for career inspiration.

Finances: Have you heard of Women Doing Well? Definitely a resource to check out (there may be a chapter in your area). Bethenny Frankel on how she straightened out her finances; THIS IS A MUST READ.

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So jam-packed with August goodness.

Wellness: Caffeine-free energy boosters. Candice Kumai featured in Bon Appetit. Healthy foods that may be causing you brain fog. An in-depth look at probiotics for all that ails you. More on your microbiome and hormone health. TSC on magnesium. (It’s the thing you didn’t know you needed). Treating vertigo. Vitamins for your metabolism.

Beauty: Best antioxidant serums. Breast implant illness and symptoms. An important PSA for women. We don’t talk about this enough. As many of you know, this year I transitioned to natural non-toxic deodorant. Obsessed. Here is more about it, from the nontoxic beauty queen, Alice.

Living: The most serene spot in every state. A look at Martha Stewart’s daily routine. Collective swoon for the Magnolia Hearth and Hand fall Target line. Six mindful styling tips for your home, and how to make sure your home is safe and healthy for you (people are still finding asbestos). Guest bathroom essentials.

Relationships: What will your boyfriend or girlfriend be like as a spouse? Find out how to know, here.

Personals: Stop trying to be vulnerable and do this instead. (Insightful). Best lessons from living alone. Books to read if you are feeling stuck. What to do in August.

Finance: The biggest money wasters. Paying off student loan debt? Read this. Twenty-five money questions you need to ask your significant other. Top financial tips to follow.

Career: Toxic job recovery. It’s a thing.

Travel: The Greece guide from Bec and Marissa (Twice Blessed).


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Relationships: The mindset/ tendency we can all have that is a happiness killer.

Personals: Why making the decision can be the most important thing (you actually don’t need more time).

Finance: Paying off the student loans (women of color have the most student loan debt because they are getting educated). Don’t forget to check out our finances section, for more resources. Forbes featuring how this entrepreneur is teaching millennials about finance.

Career: The guidelines for befriending colleagues. Why the right time to start is now. The “I look like a _______ (fill in profession here)” movement. Women changing the stereotypes and breaking molds. How to be a millennial manager who manages people who are older. How to stand out in a work meeting. Make your own business card (and the reasons why you should).

Style: White shirt outfit ideas that are perfect for late summer.

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Spirituality: “We are for you” by Lincoln Alabaster, the host of the Evidence of Things Screened podcast about film and faith, delivers a powerful message about waiting, your future and the truth about God’s role in all of it. You won’t be disappointed. (This is a video, but it’s available in podcast form under Church of the Advent Hope on iTunes).

Career: Are you ready to be a manager? An important assessment on what your leadership style is. Do you know yours? How to navigate the job search. (Yes, even when it gets draining). The Career Contessa is a place to start.

Wellness: Frozen treats for summer. Getting rid of your headaches. All about herbs that help PMS.

Personals: How to hustle; your own guide. How to overcome perfectionism. Advice on how you are spending your time. Ways to stop comparison from ruining your day (from Grit & Virtue).

Living: Picnic basket menus for those late summer evenings.

Style: The fab fashion from the classic, The Parent Trap.

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Personals: Gopnik (the brilliant journalist) addresses immigration, France’s World Cup win and the strength of diversity. Stuff you can do solo in this summer heat. Explore your creativity, and be reborn.

Finances: A special feature on finance is coming, but while you wait, check out this great piece on tithing.

Wellness: All about #2, and the conversation we should be having. (Yes. That #2). All about healing your hormones. The Almost 30 Podcast is an excellent resource. This is your brain on sugar.

Living: What makes a farm girl different from a city girl– a thoughtful exposé. Amelia Diamond and her experiment of wearing red lipstick for a week. Rouge can be empowering.

Relationships: Gary Thomas explores the common difference between single men and women. The legacy of the narcissist parent. LavenderVines and the 21 Day Love Challenge. You up for it? Should we do it together and report back? And lastly, clearing toxic relationships.

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Personals: Why finding your passion is the “lazy” approach to life. (Finding your purpose just got real, and surprise surprise– it’s not about being comfortable). Valuable life lessons from Hilary Kerr. How to delegate outcomes and not activities. Being Elliot on living in the present. Top Five to Thrive from the Type A Checklist.

Wellness: Food swaps you will want to try. Results you will see when you focus on gut health. The best and worst foods for breakouts. Because #solidarity. How to eat well and for health, when it’s at odds with your culture. (Like when you go vegan, and your grandmother is still trying to force-feed you chicken). The connection between gut health and insomnia.

Relationships: Date ideas that don’t involve Netflix. Things you need to know when working with your significant other.

Living: French decor tips for those of you getting ready for the next season. A little redecorating never hurt anyone. Affordable wedding dresses for the no-fuss bride. It’s wedding season. Tips for hosting a stylish summer party. Thinking about buying a home? Here is the breakdown on renting vs. buying. What we own shows who we are. This is not new, but it’s always interesting.

Happy weekend. xx

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Wellness: Six nutritionist approved snacks for when desperate times call for desperate measures.

Personals: What your Type A personality means for your health. I read this because clearly, I am Type A. How to boost your energy in these heat-drain months. Life accomplishments that are not having a baby or getting married that deserve to be celebrated. I couldn’t agree more.

Living: Spiced rice pudding recipe alert. The perfect cool-off snack. Atelier Doré takes us upstate. So much inspiration here (especially if you appreciate old world vibes). Laila Gohar and her crispy dill potatoes in the New York Times.

Relationships: An intriguing piece about how to break free from energy vampires. Yes, those vampires exist. You can’t have a healthy marriage with a sick soul, by marriage expert Gary Thomas.

Happy weekend, lovelies!

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Spirituality: Sazan opened up and shared her testimony and how God helped her overcome her greatest fear (and how He brought restoration). Our girl Naseem, talks about Jesus sustaining our hustle.

Personals: Candice Kumai on letting go (in conversation with Bobbi Brown). Lessons on minimalism from Japan. I love this idea of having less and being more.

Wellness: How kombucha can help clear your skin.

Career: Ambitious people on work-life balance. This piece blew my mind. It’s very unlike anything you have ever read.

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Career: How to take that leap of faith in your career. Tips for women of color (WOC) in the workplace.

Relationships: Dealing with contempt.

Style: How to wear a neck scarf this summer.

Podcast: Erwin McManus (pastor at Mosaic). He is on fire. Available on iTunes.

Wellness: The staple in your kitchen that is contributing to bacteria and food poisoning.

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Personals: How to stay present. Dealing with the “too busy” syndrome. What to do in the month of June.

Wellness: Inspiration for when it all goes bananas. Kombucha brands that won’t give you a sugar high. How to know if your period is normal.

Relationships: The mental health impact of getting married later in life.

Career: What if there were no more job interviews? This is now being considered.

Tech: My friend did a TED talk on artificial intelligence. Learn from his brilliance.

Podcast: A new gem in the audio world– the Doctor’s Farmacy.

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Wellness: A powerful piece on addictions and overcoming from The Skinny Confidential. Childhood attachment patterns and how they inform our relationship with food.

Relationships: Keys to success in relationships. What the 20 years of marriage phenomenon means for you.

Podcasts: Wabi Sabi by Candice Kumai. Episode 2 was everything. She is a great storyteller, and as real as it gets.


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Personals: The science and magic of forest bathing. Productivity killers. Throwing the timeline to the wind.

Beauty:Clean self tanner for that no-UV-damage glow. I am still talking about natural deodorant. Have you made the switch? Healing a breakout.

Relationships and Parenting: The pros and cons about permissive parenting. The power of vulnerability in relationships. What to pack for your child’s summer camp.

Wellness: A great Forbes piece on how we can use apps like My Flo (period tracker) to increase our productivity. Things to know if you quit birth control. Peganism, what it is and why it’s all the rage. Traditional Chinese medicine self care rituals. Natural remedies for cold and flu. What every woman should know about PCOS and Endo.

Travel: Must see destinations in Europe.


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Spirituality: Remember that God is a God who sees us, no matter what the circumstance.

Personals: An Honest Life Blog posted a powerful piece on loving who you are. The power of affirmations and positivity. Three shifts in thinking that can change your life. Sazan discusses the beauty of imperfection.

Relationships: How to stop others’ projections from affecting you and how to recognize it. How to stop being a defensive person. I found this piece to be fascinating. I think that when you work with difficult people often, this is a necessary skill.

Wellness: Easy self care that you can implement into your day. Did you know that people who commit to self care are more successful?

Beauty: The best natural beauty products on Amazon.

Style: Stylish tips from Southern women.

Image-1 (1)

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Personals: Nine habits that set the tone for the day. Next, how to stay positive around negative people.  The things people can determine in about 4 seconds after meeting you. How to celebrate what I think is the best month of the year! May!!

Relationships: All about Gilmore Girls, and the fact that they were actually co-dependent. It was a fascinating piece about relationships and how they can turn unhealthy, even when they look fine at a glance.

Beauty:Minimalist beauty glow. More tips for the minimalist. (Great for beach days, too!)

Exploring: The best French spots in NYC. The Miami guide, according to Goop.

Living:Recipes to try out on a sunny Sunday. The anti-autoimmune diet.

Career: Things learned from a career coach.


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Relationships: Amanda Booth on the joys of life that she has experienced through her son’s down syndrome.

Living: Gorgeous spring salads to make and share. A great piece about what a young woman learned in Silicon Valley.

Personals: Acts of self care for this weekend. A great piece on those of us who empathize, and the burden of being sensitive.

Style: The timeless outfits that we’d still wear from Rachel Green’s closet (Friends).


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Relationships: A great post on why it’s worth honoring God in your relationship.

Personals: How to stop treating life like a competition; an awesome post from The Wholehearted Woman. What to do if you are struggling with financial PTSD. A list of things they don’t teach us in school, which help us succeed.

Wellness: A days worth of anti-inflammatory meal plans. A nutritionist shares some diet/meal tips. From Pegah and Sweat, how to be more with less. I loved this piece.

Career: Work uniforms of successful women. How to change careers. (We are young and change is good). Mindfulness at work, for when you are praying and it all hits the fan. Other practical little tips to go along with prayer.


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Personals: How to stop the comparison game that plagues us all, once in a while. Time alone and why it’s necessary for even extroverts.

Health and Wellness: Best foods for best brain function. The wonders of collagen. I have been really into facial massage, and how it can help with lymphatic drainage and stress headaches. Dining out can expose us to more hormone disruptors.

Style: Incorporating some throwbacks into your outfits. The French girl brands that are taking over.

Living: How to use Sunday to make the week better. How language affects perception. Junot Diaz breaks the silence on childhood trauma.

Relationships: Dealing with toxic people (how to know who is toxic and how to deal).


[Image by @sarahtribett]


Personals: What’s your archetype? (An intriguing read). I got so much nostalgia from this post on the outfits from 13 Going on 30.

SpiritualityDreaming big, the way God wants us to dream. The Bible verse that changed Stephen Colbert’s life. Dr. Sadeghi on how emotions and thoughts impact our physical wellbeing.

Living: The environmental impact of laundry products. Dealing with anxiety in a natural way. The beauty of eating outside, old world style. The Parent Trap’s perfect soundtrack for your next dinner.

Health and Wellness: The wonders of aloe (and the fact that it keeps blood sugar in check). Tips to balance your hormones. Lately, I have focused on hormone health. I can’t stress enough how important it is. The “dirty dozen” list of produce is out. Dr. Gottfried talking about how aging well has everything to do with emotional wellness.

Career: A lady boss is on the May 2018 Vogue cover: Amal Clooney.


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Personals: Good habits worth the effort. All about self improvement. This brilliant piece on social media and living (the real IRL). (A must read)!

Health and Wellness: Food counseling for women with PCOS and hormonal imbalances. Coping with anxiety. Echinacea and all of its wonders.

Relationships: Sabrina Peters and 10 things she has learned about marriage. (You will read and share this one!)

Career: How to navigate the modern workplace. Ever heard of the glass cliff? Six things to remove from your resume.

Travel: Some tips for the wanderers.

Living: How to throw an unforgettable party. And how to impress with homemade almond milk. (I am so nerding out).


[Image from @carlalovesphotography]


Financials: Good debt vs. bad debt.

Relationships: Date night ideas for married couples. According to your Myers-Briggs personality, what type of a friend are you?

Living: How to entertain on a budget.

Career: How to ace your next interview.

Personals: Are money and confidence interchangeable? How iPhones impair our brains, even when we aren’t on them. (Scary). The details on gratitude. (And the type of gratitude that really makes us happier).


[Image by: @livingforsun]


Directly from me (yours truly, xoxo): My open letter to God. I wrote out my purpose, guys, and it was harder than I thought.

Wellness: Seven diet changes that will improve your gut health. Trader Joe’s products that make life and meal prep easier. Some spring food picks from Pegah.

Personals: A bit of humor from Garance Doré.

Relationships: All about the pit in your stomach.

Career: The happiest places to work. Six questions to ask at your next interview. A tool that helps you speak confidently at work (a solid reminder).


[Image by @laravsouthern]


Career: Striving for the work-life balance. Business casual attire to make sure you keep winning and look like the boss you are.

Beauty and Wellness: Sephora’s list of the best natural beauty products. Get the natural stuff, and keep racking up your points! “The Dirty Dozen,” list of endocrine disrupters. (Perfect for guiding some spring cleaning). The health benefits of collagen (going beyond skin).

Parenting: Why mom’s should embrace (not resist) their changing bodies.

Relationships: The beauty of a rebuke, and the changes it can lead to. (If you love someone, you call them out).

Personals: Daily mantras and affirmations from incredible women. How changing 1% of your life can change everything.


[Image by: @anntaylor]


Spirituality: Taking the limits off of God. (Video).

Wellness: Inflammation 101. Using probiotics to make homemade coconut yogurt. How tech is helping women stop taking hormonal birth control. (This is pretty amazing).

Beauty: Alice Panikian’s non-toxic beauty routine.

Food: Vegan Easter recipes. Spring, come to us!

Style: I loveee MPG’s everyday wear (especially their office stuff). It’s clean and minimalist. For every thing you buy, part goes to charity to feed a child. The quality is excellent.

Career: How millennial women are handling burnout.

Decor: Plants that will elevate any bathroom.

Parenting: All about children and their social development.

Personals: Top 10 best states for women. Do you live in one? (New York did not make the cut). Girl and the Bay brings us 30 things we can learn from Oprah on personal branding.


[Image by: @violette_fr]


Wellness: The importance of rest days, in your fitness routine. Feeling like yourself after being diagnosed with a hormone imbalance. How to tell if your gut health is on point.

Relationships: Silicone Valley parents are raising their children tech free, and what we can learn from this. Man Repeller got an older woman to dish out love advice.

Entertaining: Getting those high tea vibes before spring.

Financials: Lessons learned after paying off a student loan.

Career: Managing workplace conflicts.


[Image: From Tumblr]


Health: Why fermented foods matter. Julianne Hough opens up on natural remedies and comforts for her endometriosis. The best natural makeup products, as listed by Man Repeller. All about hydration (how much water is really enough?).

Home: Five areas to keep clean in your home (that are often overlooked).

Personals: Ways to save time in the morning (we know you are busy!). When to know it’s time to relocate. (Moving on, to a new city, can change your life). Ways to have a better morning.

Season: 28 things to do before spring beckons us outside for warm sunshine (the snow is melting). If you find yourself dreaming of spring, Gal Meets Glam has some gorgeous colorful shots from her time in Palm Beach.

Spirituality: Why Christians are mean, and what it means (and why it needs to change).

Relationships: Ways to avoid a breakup. (Really, they are tips for a healthy relationship).

Career: The best job for your personality types (for the Myers-Briggs obsessed). And 10 things to do if you dislike your job with a passion (but can’t leave quite yet).


[Image from @anntaylor]


Spirituality: Christine Caine at Passion 2018 was fire!

Making a statement: India celebrates and promotes ‘Pad Man.’NYFW takes on feminist symbols and the Puerto Rican flag.

Clean Beauty: The best natural deodorant according to Dr. Mona Vand, and how to make the switch to non-toxic deodorant.

Personals: One of the most important questions of your life– this is a good one. An open letter to her body and period, by Garance Dore. Lena Dunham shared thoughts on motherhood after her hysterectomy (Endometriosis awareness month is coming, ladies).

Relationships: A simple tip to increase happiness. Julianne Hough on endo and married life, because #goals. Melissa Wood shared her thoughts on dropping the health snobbery and living your life (and letting your partner live his).


[Image from @the_rac_on_teur]


The treats from the week included:

Financials: Stacy London On Her Year of Going Broke

Self-care: Our own Modern Witness Pegah O. talked about treating yourself this Valentine’s Day, with Girl & the Bay. 

Food & Wellness: A breakfast worth waking up for, from Welleco; Your guide to gut health, here. The power of ginseng, listed for your enjoyment. Health as a choice.

Career: What executive presence means (and what it can do for you). How to create a compelling future by design (with free printable), from The Skinny Confidential.

Personals: The dangers of perfectionism, as investigated by The Washington Post. Keep your head up, on tech ruining manners and moods. Dealing with low self-esteem, from the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine.

Spirituality: How God awakens us, thoughts sparked by Thomas Merton and digested by yours truly.

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