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Think Week: Focus

By: Gabriela Yareliz

One of the first elements of a Think Week is the ability to focus. This naturally means that during these moments when we are choosing to be intentional with our time in a different manner, we must eliminate distractions.

Most of us can’t put life on hold, take a week off from work to hide out in a cabin and think about life and read. We understand that, but we also know that if we are going to make the most out of our “cushion time” (that time we do have before and after work) for a whole week, we are going to need to be extremely focused.

The idea is to pull ourselves out of the routines that consume our attention. One of the things people do in a traditional Think Week is they shut off their phones (or they may not have much signal given that they are in the wilderness somewhere). Below are some ideas to get you started as to how you can keep your focus and reduce distractions during Think Week.


Less phone time.

Put your phone on “airplane mode” or “do not disturb” during certain time blocks (like reading time). Maybe you are a parent or this simply isn’t an option and you need to be reachable at a moments notice, you can silence your phone and leave it out of sight and check at certain intervals, and/or just be reachable by a select few. Think about how you want to use your phone that week. You can go silent on social media for the week. This allows you to stop consuming and recalibrate. Make it so you text less throughout the week, and turn texts into phone calls, if communication is necessary. You can set a timer on certain apps.

Some ideas for how to do a social media/phone detox, from Never Without Navy, here.

Less audio.

If you typically listen to radio, podcasts, audio books, take this time to shut it off and transform the time you typically spend listening into something different this week.

Less streaming.

Cut out tv for this week. The shows will still be there when you come back. Promise.

Image via @frenchvibesclub Francois Hardy by: Getty

The idea for Think Week is to spend time away from screens and our typical routine. It’s in these intentional moments that we can give ourselves the opportunity to experience something differently, which can bring us new insights.

Tomorrow, we’ll be talking a bit more about experiencing new places. See you then.

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