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Think Week: Join

By: Gabriela Yareliz

It’s officially spring. This is personally my favorite season. It’s time to recharge, renew and refresh. *cue flowers popping out of the ground and blooming* This week, we at Modern Witnesses are extending an invitation to you to join us in a “Think Week.” This week, we will be reviewing the key components of what makes a Think Week and giving you ideas as to how to plan your own. Next week, April 18-24, 2021, is planning week. You’ll be able to take all of the ideas shared here and synthesize them with your own thoughts and ideas to create a Think Week that works for you.

Our official MW Think Week will be from April 25, 2021 to May 1, 2021.

First, let’s discuss what a Think Week is and why I want us all to join in.

What is a Think Week?

The idea of a Think Week was popularized by Bill Gates, who for the past two decades has taken a seven-day retreat twice a year to disconnect, read and problem solve. These Think Weeks often led to Microsoft surging forward with brilliant ideas regarding the internet and other future technology. Gates credits much of Microsoft’s cutting edge status to these quiet moments he retreated in solitude to read and process other’s ideas. To read more about how Bill Gates does his Think Week, check out this article.

A retro video from Gates himself.
Jane Birkin by Tony Frank 1970 via @frenchvibesclub

Why do a Think Week?

A Think Week is a week where we stop doing to think more and absorb more information. This helps us then become more productive, creative, and it helps us use certain muscles we don’t often use anymore in a world of information overload; muscles like focus.

I love this article from Reservations. The graphics below are from this article, and they explain the benefits of a Think Week.

Image from blog resources
Image from blog resources
Image from blog resources
Image from blog resources

How do we do a Think Week?

You may say, Gabriela, this sounds great, but I have a job and kids, and I can’t just run off to a cabin in the woods right now in a pandemic world. I know, my friend. I too have a day job and am here in NYC, with no route of escape. That said, I still think we can take the time we do have, you know, the cushions of time around our workday, and use them differently, in a way that improves focus, creativity and in a way that disconnects us from what is routine (Netflix, our phones, social media) and connects us to something a tad bit different. There are things we can do to switch it up, and this week, we’ll be brainstorming together how you can plan a feasible Think Week without running to a cabin in the woods like Hansel and Gretel.

You don’t need to go and read a bunch of articles. That’s what our posting will be all about this week. We are going to We are also going to pitch some reading materials that are of spiritual value for your Think Week, if you need some help. We’ve got you.

Are you into it? I hope you join us this week as we discuss how we can do a spring recharge Think Week. It can’t just be corporations and the corporate minds that get to optimize productivity, focus, health and creativity. I think followers of Jesus are called to do the same. We have a lot of work to do, and to start, we need to stop. Get ready to read, think and disconnect to connect.

See you tomorrow.

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