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Seven Days of Gratitude: Day 5


DAY 5: The Everyday Things

By: Gabriela Yareliz Gonzalez, Editor of Modern Witnesses

Hi friends!

Day 5. Boom. This one is all about the stuff we use every day. The little stuff. The stuff that we later realize is not so little.

I encourage you to make your own list with each day’s theme. If you feel so inclined, share with us in the comments or on our Instagram post. Even if you don’t make your own list, I hope some of these things, as simple as they may seem, remind you and me of just how blessed we really are.


Day 5: The Everyday Things

[Image by @sezane]

Good shoes

There aren’t too many things that annoy me more than wet socks. I am grateful for the shoes that keep our feet dry and cute.

Hair tie

It’s always on my wrist, and it avoids breakage or getting my hair wet when I don’t want it wet. #foreveronmywrist

A seat on the subway

Today, the train conductor held the door open for me, as I was running down the stairs to the platform, imagining what it would be like if I tripped and lost my front teeth. (Dramatic– I know). God bless the open seats and the door holders. Amen.

[Image via @mybirdiebee]

A comfy bra

Burn the underwire. I mean, sometimes we need the girls high and lifted, but a comfortable bra is a prized possession. My favorite are the Birdiebee ones. (Not sponsored, just honest).


So many of us wouldn’t be able to see well without them. We would have constant, raging headaches. Make sure to donate your old frames to orgs that give them to those who don’t have glasses as readily available!


They always break in NYC, but I know my life would suck without one. I need a steel umbrella. If you hear of one, tell me.


I run my life with its help. The key is to not let it run your life. Let’s use technology for good.

[Image by @sezane]


Mine is my home, on my shoulder. When you might get stuck on a train for hours, you learn to carry your magazine collection, eyedrops, bandages, gloves, notepad, pens, lip balm– your house. Sometimes, it feels tedious to carry it, but then, when the unexpected strikes– READY!

[Image via @sugarpaperla]


As a self-proclaimed nerd, I love a good list, I love a good pen, and I love a good planner. (Don’t judge me)


And remember:

For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36

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