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Chelsea B.

Chelsea talks to us about the importance of communities displaying grace, and the importance of being real.

Chelsea B

Chelsea B.

Inspiring biblical passage of themoment: Psalm 23. Though well known, and often overused, this passage means the most to me.  To know that no matter how many mistakes I make, no matter what I’m going through, I have a God who still prepares me, who still anoints me, and leads me to beautiful places. I choose to live my life for Him, and His goodness and love follows me. I forever have a place where I belong with Him.

“I choose to live my life for Him, and His goodness and love follows me.”

Spiritual growth focus at the moment: My focus lately has been intentional relationship building with other women. I’m a wife and a mother, and sometimes, it’s easy to eliminate others and rely only on yourself.  Or at times, you just feel drained and overwhelmed and choose Netflix over friendship. But God has reminded me lately of the importance of community in our Christian walk and how we were never meant to do this alone. Intentional relationships with other strong women are what charge and fuel our lives.

“Intentional relationships with other strong women are what charge and fuel our lives.”

Profession: Registered Nurse and Women’s Health Care Coordinator in Fertility.

A one sentence bio of yourself: I am a child of the Most High, here to glorify Him in all aspects of my life as a mother, wife, and human being.

When did you first encounter God? I am a Pastor’s Kid (all PKs know this life).  For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived this “Christian Life,” and I’m pretty sure I asked God into my heart every Sunday morning for about 4 years straight.

What has helped you grow spiritually in this season? Being vulnerable, my husband recently fell into a serious addiction that shook our whole world. We went from youth leaders and Christian leaders among our friend groups to being judged, cast out, and stripped of everything normal that we knew.  I, for the first time, had to rely on what I knew about God and His love for me in order to get by.  I learned and understood for the first time that his grace doesn’t end because our circumstance looks worse than others. His love is without limits, and nothing is too ugly for Him to embrace and erase!

“I learned and understood for the first time that his grace doesn’t end because our circumstance looks worse than others.”

Just read/currently reading (and what has it taught you?):Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. In the midst of our personal war, it taught me that no one, especially God, is looking for me to have it all together.  I don’t have to exhibit a perfect persona or perfect life.  I learned to embrace my beautiful wreck of a life and share it with others! I’ve gained closer relationships over this last year more than I ever have because I decided to let go of exuding a perfect persona and just be real about life.

Top three essentials: My Bible, my phone, and human connection (which is so necessary in #momlife).  OH, I forgot pizza.  How could I forget pizza?! Sorry that’s four!

How did God speak to you recently? God often speaks to me through music.  I have had Starlight by Amanda Cook on repeat for God to remind me daily just how close He is to me.

Hobby: Outdoor activities, sports, hiking!  I love to be active.

Top three practical tips for staying spiritually strong: Continuous prayer and taking advantage of little moments to just talk to God (i.e. “thank you god for this person,” “thank you for my daughter,” or “God help me through this.”)  The constant communication is the maintenance that the relationship needs.  You don’t have to come to God with an elaborate well-worded speech.  He just wants to talk.

Favorite person in scripture? Is it cliché to say Jesus?  Oh well.  It’s Jesus.  I love to see how well He loves people, sometimes the hardest people to love.  Some people may strive to be like Esther, Ruth, Paul, but my goal is to be like Jesus.

What do you want people to learn about God when they look at you? When people hear my story, I want them to see proof that God’s love is limitless; His grace is never-ending, and in the ugliest of life’s seasons, He is still present and forgiving.

Favorite season? Spring because it represents the hope of better warmer days!

Favorite holiday? Christmas.

A dream you have? To open a center for troubled youth and provide them with love and relationship.

A special tradition you and your family engage in or keep: I guess I need to start one with my own family because my brain is lacking in coming up with an answer.

Question you will ask when you get to heaven? I am not sure I would be able to come up with words. I’m a worshipper.  I think you will find me in heaven just sitting at the feet of Jesus in awe singing to him.

Thing you want to raise awareness about: I desire to see the Christian community come together and support one another in and through our faults and flaws rather than disconnect and cut people off when we see them struggling in their faith journey.

What do you usually do before 9 a.m.? 4:30am is wake up time! Get ready for work, take my baby to the sitter, worship time in the car. I’ve been working for three hours already by 9 a.m.!

What is on your nightstand? Lamp? *laughs* No really, that’s all.

Define Christianity in a sentence: Christianity is choosing to follow Christ and choosing to, daily, love like he loves.  I’m still learning, but I hope I can display the simplicity of this in my own life.

For more Chelsea:

Insta: @chelsea.mcfolling



Until next time, keep witnessing!


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