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Think Week: Connect

By: Gabriela Yareliz

We disconnect to connect. We spoke about how to determine what to disconnect from, and now we turn to what we want to connect to. Our hope is that you can use this time to connect to God (through prayer and literature), nature (through time outside), and to yourself (through movement and reflection).

There may be other things you want to connect to. Maybe one thing you desire is more creativity.

Tips for connecting:

Nature: Here is a helpful article that has tips on how to move your work outside, if you have that flexibility.

God: If you don’t have a routine for connecting with God, use this week to start. We can connect to God through different ways. (And all are free). There are more direct ways, such as reading Scripture (make sure to check out our reading plan for the week— stay tuned), prayer (or going on prayer walks), gathering with others in Bible study, or in more indirect ways, like being in nature or listening to music that elevates the soul. Whatever you choose to do, just be consistent and be intentional. He promises that if we seek Him, we will find Him. He will meet us there.

Movement: I think a lot of us already have a regular workout routine. A fun thing to do for Think Week might be to try a different workout instructor or fitness platform. We may find something new that works for us and changes stuff up.

(Workouts can be found on YouTube, Melissa Wood Health,, Obe, etc.).* (None are sponsored).

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