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Think Week: Mute

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Maybe one of the most intimidating factors about Think Week is the question of how we mute our distractions. First, we must take inventory of what occupies our time so we can figure out what our distractions are. (Sometimes, we miss things that occupy huge chunks of our time; or we are in denial).

I was reading a great article that touches on looking deeper into the reasons why we seek out distractions. Oftentimes, an addiction to technology or other sought distractions are rooted in our emotions (and sometimes these are emotions as simple as “sheer boredom, fear of failure, or the feeling of loneliness”). So how do we clear distractions so we can truly disconnect if we can’t run off to some cabin in the woods?

I think a good starting point is looking at the deeper “why” in our habits and schedules.

Take a minute to jot down what a typical week looks like, and I am not talking big ticket items like “pick up/drop off”– I am talking about what do you do in the car when doing pick up/drop off. Let’s review how we spend not our hours, but our minutes. Once we have a clearer picture, then, let’s think about creative ways in which we can lessen some distractions.

As someone who has a lot to get done, I love time focus tools. Here is a helpful article from Intelligent Change. I use a lot of their tools, none of this is sponsored (they have no idea who I am). Just sharing things that have helped me along the way.

Additionally, as basic as this sounds, something that helps us maintain focus is staying fueled. (Source) I can’t tell you how many times I have lost focus because I pushed through and missed a lunch break. I am GUILTY of this. Don’t be like me. A snack I am loving is an avocado shake/pudding (some people sprinkle it with matcha, and I also like using WelleCo Super Elixir Greens). Let’s plan ahead and make sure that we also stay fueled, so our mind can stay free from noise.

We mute to reflect.

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  1. Great article! I appreciate the advice about examining the minutes, not the hours. I definitely run to distractions because of my emotions, but I wasn’t sure if that was “normal,” so thank you for sharing that it is. I’ll have to check out the tools you suggested, and now I know how to pray about not being distracted.




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