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Editor’s Notes

Hi friends!

Did you know we have an Editor’s Notes section where I share my favorite and most shared articles that stayed open on my tabs? (Some of you may not be connected with us via social media, and you may not have seen this section). I share articles related to relationships, wellness, career, etc. We also often share pieces, podcasts and more from our MW friends and features. Part of being a follower of Jesus is living your very best life, and we aim to help equip you with thought-provoking information and wisdom.

I am sharing our ‘spring 2021’ articles below, but there is a whole archive of other articles and notes on our Editor’s Notes page, here on the website, accessible through our website menu. Make sure to check it out. There is a wealth of information on DIYs, recipes, hormonal health, career advice and resources, and more. Don’t miss it!! This page is updated on a seasonal basis. All articles are hyperlinked.

Also, don’t miss our Finances Section! Make sure to check out all the goods in the website menu.



Image via @objet_la_ny

Spring 2021

Personals: Seven verbal habits of the emotionally intelligent. Working toward happiness instead of just wishing for it.

Wellness: How to know if you have a caffeine intolerance. Five habits that will help your brain stay in tip-top shape. Three longevity rules. How to quit sugar (and why you should consider cutting down). Making the switch to non-toxic cleaning products. Six ways a functional medicine expert stays well. The best collagen supplements (they did the work for you). The importance of massage therapy from a French wellness guru.

Living: How to make vegan pesto. The best vegan cheeses (if you are curious… some of these are sooo good). How to separate your workday from nighttime (WFH life, am I right?). Smoked salmon flatbread recipe. (I am going to try this). How to make your own bathroom spray.

Relationships: How to be a calmer parent. Tips for slowing down in your marriage.

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