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Think Week: Plan

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Take it from a planner, planning ahead may sound stressful, but in the end, it reduces stress. Today, we are talking about the importance of planning ahead of your Think Week to lighten the load. When we clear the deck, we can make what comes later more restful. Before Sabbath each week, I strive to clean the house up a bit, I take down the recycling, and I get certain things out of the way so that I can fully enjoy that time. Before the week begins, I meal prep. Planning, while it takes some thinking ahead and anticipation is worth it.

Think about three things you can get out of the way before Think Week that will allow you to have more time to use intentionally for other things, such as reading, connecting and discovering. Perhaps for you that includes: coordinating a playdate or entertainment for the kiddos (a craft or something); meal prep; laundry and other chores; cleaning– the point is to reduce stressors for that week so you can stay focused. These elements of what sociologists call invisible labor are real. There are MANY things we do that often don’t get acknowledged, are unpaid and they take up a good chunk of our time. Perhaps, for Think Week, you can delegate (or simply plan ahead).


Three things– figure out who will be in charge of them for Think Week or designate a time to get them done ahead of time. Let’s plan out what must get done. Happy planning!

Jane Birkin via @frenchvibesclub

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