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Vee U.

Today, Vee speaks to us about waiting on God, consulting the Lord on decision making and her story of healing.

Vee U.

Tell us a bit about how you grew up and your childhood: I grew up in New York in a two-parent Christian household. My parents were extremely strict. But as I sit here and reflect on it, my childhood was fun. I remember [I] wanted to grow up, but now I just want to be a kid again. No responsibilities, no stress, etc.

Inspiring biblical passage of the moment: Psalm 27

Spiritual growth focus at the moment: Stewardship so that I will be able to steadily supply all members of the Kingdom who are in need.

Profession: Healthcare Administrator.

If you wrote a memoir, what would the title be? Depression and Triumph through Christ

When did you first encounter God and how did you encounter Him? I was raised in a Christian household, but by the time I finished college and graduate school, my focus was building a successful life for myself. For me, that meant enough to live on, a nice place to live and just being on my own. Then, I got into some awful relationships (all non-Christians), and I vowed to once again just focus on myself and become extremely wealthy. I was done with the dating game and decided that I never wanted to get married due to my trust issues.

Then, I had a difficult job (due to the unnecessary drama, not the work itself). I gained a lot of weight and could not understand why. I visited my parents over the Memorial Day weekend that year, and they invited a pastor to the house to pray for us. Little did we know that he had the spiritual gift of healing and prophecy.

Well, the Holy Spirit gave a him a Word of knowledge regarding my health, so he touched my stomach and later told me that I had fibroids forming that could lead to complications if I ever had a child and that they are no longer forming. He completely healed me and did not ask for a penny. After that, I went back to Los Angeles and wanted to find a church immediately and bought a Bible (real spiritual gifts will always lead you to Christ). I also lost 50 pounds in 8 weeks, after that. Furthermore, I would never miss a church service, continued to go to Bible study classes, and even became a certified Bible teacher. I now teach Bible studies for women on YouTube.

How has your relationship with Him changed you? I consult the Lord for every decision that I must make. Furthermore, my life goal is no longer to have an executive position. I am happy to just make enough for myself and give to others who need. Furthermore, I am no longer defined by career or financial status. My identity is now in Christ, and I would never trade that for anything. I also will not even consider dating or marrying a man who is not a born-again Christian and mature in his walk with Christ. The Lord has set the bar high. I would much rather wait on God, and I am not worried about how long that will take.

“The Lord has set the bar high. I would much rather wait on God, and I am not worried about how long that will take.”

What has helped you grow spiritually in this season? Reading and studying the Bible based on what the Holy Spirit directs me to for the women I teach and for things that the Lord would like to correct within me.

Just read/currently reading (and what has it taught you?): 2 Timothy 1.  This passage taught me how to continue to be strong in hard times.

Top three essentials: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

How did God speak to you recently? He sent me a dream about everything that is going on in the world, and He led me to the Psalm to use as a prayer, and it continues to work.

Hobby: Reading the Word of God, exercising, and relaxing.

Top three practical tips for staying spiritually strong: Read and study the Bible, pray every day, and go to a good sound Holy-Spirit-filled church every Sunday.

Favorite person in scripture? Ruth

What do you want people to learn about God when they look at you? That He can save and change anyone.

How do you engage with your community? Church gatherings, Instagram, WhatsApp groups, Zoom etc.

Favorite holiday? Labor Day. I get the day off, and I get to spend more time with the Lord

A goal you have? To be in ministry full time, within the next two years.

A special tradition you and your family engage in or keep: Going to a Chinese restaurant called Orchid in NY.

Question you will ask when you get to heaven? How have I done Lord?

Thing you want to raise awareness about: Depression and how God can deliver so many women from this issue.

What does your morning routine consist of? Wake up, pray, exercise, take a shower, and complete a morning devotional

What is on your nightstand? My Bible.

Define Christianity in a sentence: It is an on-going learning and growth process that strengthens The Holy Spirit, and your relationship with Jesus and God

For more Vee:

Instagram: @Redeemed_One

YouTube: Here


Until next time, keep witnessing!


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