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Eleisha F.

Today, Eleisha speaks to us about doing our single season well, she shares a poem she wrote about her current season, and she speaks to us about her job as a storyteller.


Eleisha F.

Inspiring biblical passage of the moment: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

This verse has kept me from overthinking and becoming anxious about the uncertainties of life. So often, we want to figure everything out in the moment and have our lives planned in every area, but sometimes, the best and most freeing thing to do is let go and rest knowing God has the best in store for you and His timing is perfect.

Spiritual growth focus at the moment: 
The word that I truly believe God has be focused on is TRUST. For me it means fully surrendering and submitting my thoughts, plans and life to Him on a daily basis and teaming with Him as he continues to develop character within me whilst filling me with inner peace and strength. When and if I encounter storms down the road, I will stand strong because if you are deeply rooted in His truth, you will not be shaken. He wants us to go to him so we can give to others from a full tank and a place of overflow. I’m learning the importance of digging a deep well by spending more intentional time throughout the day, praying continually in order to be in constant connection with God. It’s helping me stay grounded and centered in Him so that I won’t be swayed by anyone or anything else that could take His place – because let’s face it, there are so may distractions and counterfeits to His goodness, and it’s our job to be aware of the lies and distractions around us. There is so much vying for our time and attention, don’t come to God with the very last announce of energy and time when your day has ended to spend time with him.

Profession: I’m a journalist for one of New Zealand’s largest news organisations, Newshub. I report the news on the networks television morning show which also streams online and radio. It’s an absolute privilege to be in the media industry which holds so much influence, shaping and shedding light on our culture and world. It also means I’m often the first to know about significant events and information affecting the globe and New Zealand. I love getting the chance to be the salt and light, especially when so many stories require interviewing people from all walks of life, which most of the time is during the most dramatic moments of their lives.

“I love getting the chance to be the salt and light, especially when so many stories require interviewing people from all walks of life, which most of the time is during the most dramatic moments of their lives.”

A one sentence bio of yourself: A passionate believer, storyteller and traveler, with big dreams.
When did you first encounter God and how did you encounter Him? I first encountered God at a young age at a youth camp. Although I grew up in a Christian home, I was a passive and dormant Christian who didn’t quite realize the full meaning of what it meant to be an ambassador of Christ. Being at this camp opened my spiritual eyes and lit a fire within me to transform my life in a radical way and put a desire within me to see the world changed. It was a sudden unraveling and revelation which played out over several years, but it happened level by level. The more I learned, the deeper I encountered him on a daily basis. I then truly understood who God is through the gospel, what his sacrifice of dying on the cross actually meant and then later how this impacted and shaped my identity in him and what it means to love, because He first loved us. That’s when my relationship with God truly came alive, I was no longer just a Sunday or a tick-the-box Christian. I fully encountered God when I choose to seek him everyday which has lead to a beautiful, challenging, yet adventure-filled faith journey through close, intimate relationship with Him.
What has helped you grow spiritually in this season? Learning and practicing the importance of fasting and prayer, spending quality time with just me and God in His word has been richly rewarding. Asking Him questions, praying for wisdom and discernment, seeking Him with my whole heart, and making a conscious, intentional decision to actively put Him first is a game changer for accelerated spiritual growth.
Just read/currently reading (and what has it taught you?): I’m currently reading Everybody Always by Bob Goff, via Audiobooks. It’s about becoming love in a world full of setbacks and difficult people. So far, it’s laying down the gauntlet, challenging me to love people in my my life that may seem weird, awkward, frustrating – people I find difficult to connect with and understand and despite all this, pushing through, spending time with them, trying to understand them and then loving them in an extraordinary way.

Not Yet Married by Marshall Segal. WOW – now this is one of the best books I’ve read on the importance of being single and not rushing into dating and marriage. Now, ladies I know that it’s a tricky and trying season being single. It highlights that in our single years we have the best opportunity to learn and understand that God is speaking identity over us that we can step into. He does this by speaking truth into our lives that becomes our mantra that we live by. We become a new creation, our worth is found in Him. Are we desiring a man/woman before first desiring God? 

Little-known Little Gems by John Goris is written by a New Zealand based pastor who has spent 52 years in Ministry. I actually meet him on a plane ride after a church conference and we spent the whole plane ride discussing the Gospel. The fact that I just happened to sit next to him, coincidence, I think not! He answered a lot of my questions about faith, life, church and the changing world we live in. The book he has just published is based on the 12 minor prophets in the Bible that we often skip because we don’t understand them and are hardly mentioned in church. What I’ve discovered is that every prophet’s name in Hebrew has a significant meaning which points back to God and His story of salvation to rescue his people – us! It whets the appetite for theology, in just the right way!
Top three essentials: Great food + drink, quality friends and family, the Word of God (obvious one).
How did God speak to you recently? This season has been about patience and trust.
Here’s a poem I wrote about what God has taught me this season:
She’s not dancing in her own strength, but in every step that her Heavenly Father takes.
She’s moving with Him because she’s standing on His feet.
He holds me upright, guiding each step, leading me through the dance of life.
Steadfast and overcome by His presence.
Nothing could take away this precious moment.
No distractions, no doubt or fear of the future.
She never has to let go.
He quiets me with His truth, whispering, my beloved- fix your eyes in me.
I am your first love. I will never let you down.
Stay close to my heart and be present without chasing the sun which brings with it a new day.
For you don’t know what tomorrow brings…
So stay close to my heart and dance with me. 
God is asking me to enjoy the wait and enjoy this time in “the present” and in His presence. I need to stop running ahead of Him. He’s reminding me about glorifying Him in all that I do with every day I am so blessed to receive. When you are walking with the Lord, you don’t know what tomorrow looks like. You don’t know what He has in store, but you do know that He will never leave you or forsake you. Never will He settle on you because He has exceedingly and abundantly greater things in store than you could ever hope or imagine. Whether you experience trouble, suffering or blessings – learn to be content through it all because His grace is sufficient!

“When you are walking with the Lord, you don’t know what tomorrow looks like. You don’t know what He has in store, but you do know that He will never leave you or forsake you.”

Hobby: Dancing, singing, cooking and baking, writing.
Top three practical tips for staying spiritually strong: God ultimately wants us to ultimately trust Him enough to give Him our whole hearts. This looks like taking out the time to spend it with him. Having a strong group of faith-filled “iron sharpens iron” friends who can spur you on in your relationship with God and can encourage you forward. Prayer – communicating with God throughout the day.
Favorite person in scripture? For me although I resonate with Joseph and David most, I’d say I’ve learnt the most and appreciate the Apostle Paul, who wrote the majority of the New Testament. He went from someone whose mission was to kill Christians, to a man transformed, tirelessly influencing the church and movement of God and giving instruction for humans to learn and live by. I think he’s one of the greatest leaders because he exercised incomparable influence on the lives of the different people groups he was dealt with.
What do you want people to learn about God when they look at you? I want to be known for the way I love, for living a life of purity and joy. I’m someone who loves seeing and helping others growing – helping them become the best they can be. Ultimately, I hope my life and the way I live reflects the love of Christ. In all that I do I want it to glorify Him.
How do you leave your mark on your community? By living an authentic life, staying true to my beliefs and value set and promoting culture and diversity wherever I go. In a broader sense, my job as a journalist allows me to highlight the incredible happenings in my community and also point out issues and topics which need addressing too.
Favorite holiday? I’m going to be predictable and say Christmas of course. Here in New Zealand, we celebrate Christmas on the beach in the summer sun which usually involves a lot of BBQ’s and a dessert called pavlova(you have to try it). In saying that though, I’d also love to experience a white Christmas in New York or somewhere cold in Europe.
A dream you have? I’m a big dreamer, so I literally have hundreds. But one I will share is around story telling and documenting my travels through film or television, travelling to different parts of the world to capture powerful, moving and enlightening stories in order to bring about cultural awareness to the western world so there can be more understanding, compassion and empathy for other cultures and indigenous peoples.
A special tradition you and your family engage in or keep: A lot of our traditions revolve around food and creating memorable, unique moments in the midst of business My family are big foodies and love being hospitable, so eating dinner around the table and talking about our day and highlights of the week and growing together is key. We often invite people around for dinner and prioritize making them feel loved, treasured and heard. It’s a practical way to share God’s love without any hidden agendas and to embrace people where they are — which is often at a busy, stressful or troublesome time in their lives.
Question you will ask when you get to heaven? What are the mysteries we never unlocked on earth or missed out on?
Thing you want to raise awareness about: I see the holes in society and our culture on a daily basis. This includes mental illness, being an ethical consumer, pornography, our dangerous drinking and party culture, issue of loneliness, importance of education and equality, being accepting and aware of other cultures. It’s hard to choose just one, that’s why we need individuals and people willing to take a stand and be the change the want to see in the world by making their mess their message. Ask yourself, what is your story and how can you help people or address the very issue that frustrates you most? What are you passionate about addressing in society?
For me, I want to highlight unique stories, individuals and issues in order to spark change, inform and educate people to act on what they see through my storytelling. On a personal level, I’d be keen for young people and the church especially to recognize the importance of ‘doing the single season well’. This is a key time to discover your passions, identity, purpose and calling in life. It’s where God wants to first teach you about being the bride of Christ, before becoming the bride of another. It’s a chance to be content alone and enjoy your own company. It provides an opportunity to invest in strong friendships and hobbies which adds texture and layers to your life which build you into a solid human being. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to not waste away your years of being single because you feel incomplete. Learn to be a whole person first and know that a relationship is a gift that can compliment your life, not complete it! Understand your life starts now, not when you’re married or in a relationship.

“For me I want to highlight unique stories, individuals and issues in order to spark change, inform and educate people to act on what they see through my storytelling.”

What do you usually do before 9 a.m.? By the time 9 a.m. hits, I would have completed more than half a day in the newsroom. I’m up and ready by 4 a.m., and out the door to report on the days news agenda. How I survive…. probably coffee and the grace of God *laughs* – but seriously, I stay motivated as each day presents new opportunity is exciting.
What is on your nightstand? My Bible, ‘Jesus Calling’ devotional, an alarm clock, candle and a weekly planner. I recently decided that having my phone on my nightstand only kept me up and was a major distraction.
Define Christianity in a sentence: Christianity is recognizing the truth of the gospel which translates into a deep, intimate and personal relationship with the Creator, who will take you on a journey of unconditional love.
For more Eleisha:
Instagram + Twitter: @eleishafoon
Co-founder of a website and movement called: The Uncomfortable. Bringing real issues and stories to see real change in our generation by tackling tough topics that usually are hidden in the dark.
Instagram + Facebook: @TheUncomfortable
Until next time, keep witnessing!

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