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God With Us: Day 9

[Image via Naseem]

MW: How do you focus on Jesus during this busy time of the year?

@naseemevents: The holidays are such a special time for me and my family. My heart is full of gratitude knowing what a blessing it is to have grown up in a tight-knit family that has always had the best time celebrating the holidays together.

For me, staying focused on Jesus during the holidays consists of fixing my gaze on a fresh perspective. This world is constantly screaming at us to value what it values, to chase after what it “promises” will make us happy. And yet, Scripture tells us that the things of this world are temporary and transient. Instead of getting caught up on the world’s definition of a consumer-focused, busy-kept mentality during the holidays, I choose to use this time as a time of reflection.

Being deeply thankful for where the year has brought me. I do an annual “year in review” retrospective, every December. Both personal, professional, spiritual, and mental. I think that is so important. It keeps me grounded and above all helps me give back the glory to Jesus for the gift of sanctification; thus giving me the ability to have a close relationship with God Almighty.

“Staying focused on Jesus during the holidays consists of fixing my gaze on a fresh perspective.”

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