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God With Us: Day 1

[Image by @cheriroohiphoto]

MW: How do you focus on Jesus during this busy time of the year?

@yasmin.roohi: I’ve actually been thinking a LOT about this lately. I like to reminisce on ALL He’s done for me. Not just personally, but on a grand scale.

I think about Him in a reverent way. But on a practical note, I pray during the day while spending time doing life. For me, this means during a diaper change while my toddler is throwing a fit, and my husband is trying to calm her down, and the oven is going off, and the phone is blowing up with email and text notifications.

[Image by @cheriroohiphoto]

I pray internally during THOSE moments for Him to give me a desire greater than my deadlines. Greater than my flesh. Greater than the season. Because I NEED Him. And I put an alarm on my iPhone “seek His presence” to get into the Word. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, sometimes.

I need Him to renew my mind and regenerate my heart. Daily. Also, we start most mornings with worship and praise, in our household. We want the girls to catch what we do. More is caught than taught.

[Image by @cheriroohiphoto]

“More is caught than taught.”

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