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Ruth N.

Today, Ruth speaks to us about how Jesus’ ministry didn’t take place in the temple and ours shouldn’t either, the best way to start the new year (for those of you making plans), and the secret to being successful and living a happy life.

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Inspiring biblical passage of the moment: “Whereas you have been forsaken and hated, with no one passing through, I will make you majestic forever, a joy from age to age.” Isaiah 60:15 ESV

Spiritual growth focus at the moment: I think the area I am focusing on right now is just learning that I don’t need to make space for Him and figure out the perfect time to study and read the Bible, worship, meditate, etc. He owns the room on my life. I want to learn to truly give Him His room.

“He owns the room on my life.”

Profession: I am just a normal a student (currently doing my A-Levels).

A one sentence bio of yourself: My name’s Ruth N., I am a 18-year-old Christian blogger from Germany, a student, and a sister of seven brothers and sisters, YEEEEET.

When did you first encounter God and how did you encounter Him? I first encountered God when I was 15. I remember sitting in the living room, watching a sermon when God spoke to me directly, through the sermon, itself. In this sermon, the preacher reminded us of what Jesus did for us and especially on the intensity of His suffering. Believe me, it doesn’t sound that dramatic, but this moment was SO intense. It was as if God made me feel the pain He felt every single time, when I wouldn’t come toward Him and answer His calling. The pain He felt whenever I was sinning consciously and making His sacrifice look like it has been done in vain…

Y’all this moment was unreal! When I felt and thought about all this, I started crying. I cried because of the pain I felt. I cried because I knew I was causing the pain. I cried because I realized how real God was… From that day on, my life truly changed forever.

What has helped you grow spiritually in this season? What has helped me grow spiritually in this season was getting rid of all the stereotypes of how God SHOULD BE and just taking the time to read His word in order to know how He truly IS.

Reading and studying His word truly has helped me to get to know Him and life, more.

Just read/currently reading (and what has it taught you?): I’m currently reading the book of Ezekiel. I haven’t finished studying the whole Book but let me tell you something that I’ve learned: Sometimes, God does lets us get into difficult situations. And yes, sometimes He doesn’t get us out of them immediately. BUT even though we find ourselves in those dark places, He is still with us. And in the midst of those places we find ourselves in, He bringS help, and He declares hope. In Ezekiel, His [God’s] people left Him for other God’s. God did punish them, but when God punishes with one hand, He also sends help with the other.

“And in the midst of those places we find ourselves in, He brings help, and He declares hope.” 

Top three essentials: I just read Proverbs 3: 13 -18 (Blessed Is the One Who Finds Wisdom). This passage talks about wisdom and all the great things you can gain from her. It’s by wisdom that the Lord founded the earth, and by understanding He established the heavens (see V.19). However, in chapter 2:6 [of Proverbs] the Bible says that “the Lord gives wisdom, from His mouth come knowledge and understanding and he stores up wisdom for the upright,” so that we can walk in the way of the good and keep the paths of righteousness.

James 1:5 says “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” THIS is how to become successful and live a happy life!

How did God speak to you recently? Definitely my Bible, a notebook to write down what I’ve been taught and just random thoughts that come to my mind and some music because I loooove good old Christian music!

Hobby: Because of school, etc., there’s not that much time left for hobbies, but my hobby is reading. I love to read, especially the Bible because reading the Bible is like having every single book on earth, in one. Really. However, I still enjoy reading books about social intelligence, psychological topics and more… I also enjoy doing sports, but since I always start like for 1 week straight and then totally cut off, I can’t really call it a hobby I guess. *laughs*

Top three practical tips for staying spiritually strong: 

1) Abide in the Lord 24/7: Abiding in His word means more than just reading the bible. You can follow Christian Instagram accounts or use Applications. Everything that helps you to learn and grow in Him, even if you don’t do it actively. You haven’t yet downloaded one? What are you waiting for? HURRY UP and go download!
Tip: Solid Joys and the Podcast Ask Pastor John are a wonderful daily devotional app and a Christian podcast. If you need something quick but still thought-provoking and refreshing for every single day, then these app are definitely what you’re looking for.
2) Prioritize your time with the Lord, if it’s 5, 10 or 30 minutes a day, just do it. If you draw near to God, God will draw near to you. He knows your timetable, your plans, your jobs and your occupations. Everything He longs for is just a short, intimate time between you and Him. Go and pray, study the Bible, worship– whatever it is that you love to do, just do it.

As (young) adults it’s really important to make sure that we’re still on fire for the Lord. Nowadays, life as a Christian is really hard and tempting.

3) Surround yourself with people who help you become stronger and who help you grow spiritually. Nothing’s better than friends who cheer you on, who support you and who help you grow spiritually.

Favorite person in scripture? Well, besides Jesus, the prophet Ezekiel is my absolute favorite character in the Bible. In chapter 37 of the book, God brings him to a cemetery and enables him to breath life into their dry bones and prophesy over them– and guess what? They did! God used Ezekiel to bring back to life a WHOLE NATION.

What do you want people to learn about God when they look at you? What I want my generation to learn about God when they look at me is that we all have a purpose and that’s only God who can tell His creation what they were made for. However, no purpose is more important than the purpose to live for His name alone, to serve Him. Everyone of us has a voice, and God is the one who gives us the platform. He will and He can use you, no matter how old or how young you are. He can do the impossible. It’s about making His name famous.

“It’s about making His name famous.”

Favorite season? Definitely fall! I absolutely LOVE the fall vibes: the oversized pullovers, the boots, the coats… And, the weather is just not too cold or too warm. It’s perfect.

Favorite holiday? I think it’s Easter.

A dream you have? My dream is to build big new, modern schools in Africa. Schools that everyone can attend and no one has to pay for. With a complete new educational system, etc. I know, I know: BIG DREAM. But guess what? My God is even BIGGER!

“I know, I know: BIG DREAM. But guess what? My God is even BIGGER!”

A special tradition you and your family engage in or keep: One of the best traditions we have is every single New Year’s Eve is we spent the last 10-20 minutes (with our church), before 12 p.m., praying and declaring great things over the next year and speaking life over each other, and then we go and call everyone and wish them a Happy New Year! I mean, starting the New Year with prayer plus the (spiritual) fam[ily] being all together and speaking life over each other’s family is just amazing.

Question you will ask when you get to heaven? To be honest, I don’t think I’ll have any questions to ask when I get to heaven. Actually, I can’t even think about one. Because I believe everything anyone of us will be able to think about is and will be God. Our minds will just be filled with one thought: “Holy is the Lord, worthy to be praised.”

Thing you want to raise awareness about: The thing I want to raise awareness about is how the Christian community fails their mission as servants of God and people. We as Christians really failed to fulfill the mission we’ve been sent on this earth for. We live for God and for others. You know the church should go out and reach the unreached. Help the widows, orphans, homeless. Jesus always went out. His ministry didn’t take place in the synagogue, no. He went OUTSIDE and reached those people who were thought of to be unworthy, useless and forgotten. If we truly get to understand this and ask the Lord to change our hearts and renew our way to think, we won’t need to ask about things we want to raise awareness about because we already do.

“His ministry didn’t take place in the synagogue, no. He went OUTSIDE and reached those people who were thought of to be unworthy, useless and forgotten.”

What do you usually do before 9 a.m.? Eat. Do Homework. Eat. *laughs* Okay, joke. One thing I like to do before 9 a.m. is starting the day with prayer over the day. Otherwise, I’ll probably be sleeping.

What is on your nightstand? My Bibles and my book about psychology.

Define Christianity in a sentence: Jesus first, others next, yourself last, spells: JOY.

For more Ruth:

Instagram @ruth.ngombo
Until next time, keep witnessing!

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